Worker Comp Investigation Released from Duty

Jarred R McNeley

201 Winnipeg St

Lochbuie, CO 80603


Start Date: 5/14/2018

End date 3/26/2019

Generally showed up on time, worked consistent, but significantly slower than our average drivers.

Jarred was in a claimed slip and fall accident by himself on August 10th 2018.

Jarred’s first doctor gave him some approval for light duty.  We made significant accommodations and brought him back to work.  Jarred immediately stated he did not want to be brought back to work, even sitting in the office making sales calls and sought a second doctor.  The new doctor recommended by his lawyer, then for the next half year said Jarred could not do any type of work.

After the accident we found out that Jarred had falsified his interview testimony and had claimed a previous workers comp claim at another employer.

Private investigators were sent to follow Jarred and videoed him shoveling snow for hours and moving large piece of furniture at stores and then at home.  The same week investigators videoed Jarred pulling out a cane and walking with a significant limp as he entered his doctors office.  We can supply video to perspective employers if needed.  Insurance then had his benefits shut off in March 2019.  We have now had employment verification requests asked of us by numerous company’s.  It appears that Jarred has had a miraculous recovery in the past couple weeks from not having doctor approval to even sit and make phone calls on our site to now stating that he is fully capable to work.  God bless it.  Please enjoy the above facts and your time with Jarred McNeley if you choose to hire him.